Love me tender, love me true

I had all sorts of wonderful ideas in mind for today’s post, but then it struck me – there is only one appropriate topic for a music blog today.


Of course, you’re already aware that today is Elvis’s 75th birthday.  And if you were not already aware, then you are no longer allowed to call yourself a music fan, and you must leave this blog immediately.  Well, OK, I’m just kidding about both of those.  After all, if you’re here, then there’s still hope for you.

Yes, Elvis made a lot of really cheesy movies.  Not as cheesy as Twilight, but they were pretty cheesy.  He wasn’t much of a musician, although in his defense, he never claimed to be – he was a singer and an entertainer.  And by the end of his career, in many ways he had become a sad and overweight parody of himself.

And not a bit of that matters.  He was Elvis.  The King of Rock and Roll.  He helped create a genre that’s still going strong, even though Elvis himself is long gone.  (Or is he, hmmmm?)

So go check out 5 of the most under-rated Elvis songs, and add them to your playlist.

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