Random Notes from the Grammys (or Why I hate the Grammys)

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I have to admit, I don’t have much use for the Grammys. I’m not interested in the majority of the categories (gimme rock, gimme blues, most of the rest I can take or leave). Most of the categories that I’m really interested in aren’t televised, most of what’s televised makes me want to throw something. But still, here I sit, snarking on Twitter & occasionally throwing things at the TV. And immortalizing my own Grammy timeline.

7:05 Christina Aguilera has a beautiful voice, but why is she incapable of just singing a song? Can the vocal gymnastics once in a while, please. Of course, with all the wailing going on, it was impossible to tell if she jacked up the words.

I was going to check out the ‘previously awarded’ stuff between awards, but I’m not sure there are actually awards. Nonetheless….I’m a big Green Day fan, American Idiot is an incredible album, but it just seems wrong to see Green Day with ‘Best Musical Show Album.’

I’m also a little amazed by the idea of ‘Best Hawaiian Music Album.’ I have a hard time imagining that there are so many albums in the genre that it needs an award.

I am happy to see Buddy Guy’s Living Proof get the Best Contemporary Blues Album, and Joined At The Hip is a good choice for Best Traditional Blues Album, even if part of me wanted to see Cyndi Lauper get it for Memphis Blues. Mostly because it’s a funny thought.

7:21 After seeing the best pop duo/group performance, now I remember why I don’t listen to pop music. Apparently there is now an award for the best performance in a Target commercial.

7:23 Ricky Martin’s pants. Enough said.

7:30 The HP commercial makes me want to cry. Lou Reed should not be a commercial.

7:35 I’ve always been a fan of Andy Borowitz, but tonight he’s really on a roll. “The fine line between American Idol contestant and Grammy performer has been erased.”

7:45 Why do they call the grammys an award show? 45 minutes in and less than a minute actually involved an award.

7:54 More from Andy Borowitz: “If the music industry is trying to convince people to stop downloading music for free, the Grammys are a big success.”

8:03 Two fantasies for the grammys . 1) They’d maybe give some thought to remembering rock. 2) They’d actually hand out awards.

8:04 Christ, for a minute I thought Hasselhoff was on the Grammys. Sad part is that he’d fit in.

8:07 I have died and gone to Bieber hell.

8:15 Muse? Seriously? This is someone’s idea of the best ROCK album?

8:21 Best pop vocal album – I never thought I’d be so happy to see Lady Gaga. I was afraid that Bieber hell would continue.  But what the hell is the deal with those sunglasses?  Is she channeling Stevie Wonder?

8:31 I’m a heretic, I know. But while Dylan is/was an incredible songwriter, I don’t want to hear him.

Best Rock Instrumental Performance – I can get behind Jeff Beck and Hammerhead, although I’d have been very happy with Los Lobos, too. Beck is incredible.

Best Metal Performance – I’d have hard a hard time making a decision, so glad it wasn’t up to me. Iron Maiden, El Dorado.

Best Hard Rock Performance – One of my favorite categories, and I’m glad I didn’t have to decide it. In this case, though, New Fang was probably last on my list.

8:40 The Ramones very much deserve their Lifetime Achievement award. Why aren’t we seeing/hearing more of that? Why are we getting a country version of Teddy Pendergrass (which is wrong on so many levels)?

Best Rock Performance by a duo or group with vocals – Well, at least it wasn’t Muse. I was hoping for Jeff Beck & Joss Stone with I Put A Spell on You.

8:44 God help me. Miley Cyrus. It should be illegal to have her and Justin Bieber on the same show. That is just too much to ask people to bear.

8:52 Muppets? Shoot me. Please.

9:04 I’m not sure how much more I can stand. I’m actually a big Dolly Parton fan, and I’m happy with the Lifetime Achievement Award. But why do we not let these lifetime achievers actually perform themselves? Or show a clip of their performances? (It would be a bit difficult to get Ramones or Teddy Pendergrass.)

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